When should you upsize or downsize?

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate just making a real quick video on when should you downsize or upsize your home? So it's actually very self-explanatory. Now I get the question quite a bit. You know, what should I downsize? Should I upsize? And you know what it really comes down to is the amount of utilized space in your home. So if you have a three bedroom, two bath home and you've got four kids and you've got one kid, that's that's bunk in and in one room, there's two kids and one room and then, you know, two kids get their own room. So eventually, you know, they're going to grow up, they're going to get older, they're going to want their own space. And at that point, you know, you may want to start thinking about upsizing for basically quality of life for everybody. If you're able to do so now with downsizing again, how much utilize space is not being taken advantage of. So if you have a four bed home, two baths, but it's just you, you and your spouse and your kids that graduated, they're moved out. Or maybe, you know, whatever situation where you have unutilized space at that point, you're just maintaining space that it's useless to you or you're just putting things in rooms and they don't belong. And at that point, it may be more even financially intelligent for you to sell that house and downsize, especially in a market like we're in now, where it's a crazy hot seller's market where you could sell a house and reap the benefits of a seller's market and downsize to a house with less maintenance, just simpler living. You save time or cleaning. You save money or supplies just all around quality of life. But my name's Nathan Little. If you need anything at all, my information will be below. I work seven days a week, so reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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