What's my home worth in Beech Bluff TN

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate just making a real quick video about what's my home worth Beech Bluff TN. My name is Nathan Lilly, I am a local realtor with Conner real estate and one part of my job is helping people sell in a part of that is obviously figuring out what your home is worth and the market value of the house. There's a two step process to tha It's a comparative market analysis and a tour of the property. I work seven days a week so I can work your schedule day, night, whichever is best for you. I will work with your schedule. Again, my name is Nathan Lilly. This video is about what's my home worth Beech Bluff TN. My information will be below in the description of this video. There will be a link to my website. Also, there will be a cell phone. You can text me, call me, email from email me, whichever you prefer. My name is Nathan Lilly with Conner real estate. Reach out at any time.

Phone(731) 432-0769

Email[email protected]

Fax(731) 265-6767

Address Nathan Lilly
Lilly Realty
208 Cheyenne Dr Suite B
Jackson, TN 38305

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