What is the process for making an offer on a house?

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly, with Conner Real Estate just making a real quick video. What is the process of making an offer on a house? So basically, so say you find a house that you like, it fits your needs. You're really in love with it. You can pitch your family living there. It makes sense for the future or make sense for the moment. Maybe you got different plans for the future, but this house, at the moment, it is going to do exactly what you needed to do. So you like the house, you tell your agent, Hey, I want to make an offer on this house, what is the process at that point? So number one is to get that pre-approval letter sent over to your agent. Why? Because that seller that you're sitting, you're offered to, they're going to want to make sure that whoever offer that they accept is able to purchase the house because they're taking their home off the market and they're betting on you to purchase that property. So they want to know that you are able to purchase the property financially. So number one, get the pre-approval letter sent over to your agent if they don't already have it. Number two, tell your agent or hopefully your agent is asking you what inspection contingencies do you want or your offer? Here in central West Tennessee, I recommend two inspections the home inspection in a pest inspection. Really, we're looking for termites, so a home inspection in a termite inspection are the two biggest due diligence task as a buyer in central West Tennessee. So what? You're going to want to go over the price and you're going to want to go over your terms, your terms, the closing date contingencies. If you're getting financing, you're going to have a financing contingency, you're going to have an appraisal contingency if you're going to have your inspection, contingencies, termite and home inspection. And then there's the price that you're going to put into this offer. What do you want to offer and what are the terms? Basically, what price do I want to buy this at or do I want to start negotiations that and what terms do I want in this offer? That's the process of making an offer. You tell your agent that he draws up the offer. He sent it over to you to sign most signing in today's times or electronic signing through DocuSign or thinner sign or some type of electronic signing process. That's very, very simple and very efficient. But that's the process of making an offer if you need anything at all. My name's Nathan Lilly. My information will be below and you have a wonderful day.

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