What I Love about Jackson TN

Central West TN Realtor Cell: 731.432.0769 Email: [email protected] Website: nathanlillyhomes.com What do I love about Jackson? Well, location, so we're located very conveniently between Memphis and Nashville, about the same distance both ways. So you have Memphis and you got Nashville. You got Jackson sits right in the middle. You could be in Nashville very fast, very convenient. And it's also not as populated, not as. That's the word crowded, it's not as crowded, you know, Nashville is having a huge boom, it's getting very crowded. Memphis is not as crowded, but a little bit more than my speed. Nashville, it's just I met Jackson. It's just not fun. It's a fight in between not huge city, not small town, um, slower, but as fast as you want it to be a pace of life. That's what I love about Jackson and the people, the people. That's one thing about Tennessee is that people are very nice there. There are there are a lot nicer than a lot of parts of the country, a lot of states. If you travel, you see the difference of people. You can tell the difference of people, of Southern hospitality is real. It's very real. And, you know, everyone's your neighbor, everyone, your neighbor, you break down on the side of the road, you're probably going have a two trucks pull up behind you and just let them do that thing. They live for that moment, let them change a tire and let them do it. Know they really love that stuff. You know, this one one thing I love about Jackson is, you know, living in Tennessee, very nice people living in the South and also experiencing the boom. So, you know, Jackson's going through a growth period where I mean, we had 100000 population, Mark. And of course, that's not big. It's not big, but it's not small. But once we hit that hundred thousand population, Mark, it's very exciting to see where we will go because we're going to hit a demographic that's going to allow a lot of a lot more opportunity to come into Jackson businesses. You know, grocery stores like Publix is, for example. You know, you got to be one hundred thousand population of the city in order for Publix to come in. That's just one example, because I know that that there's been talk about them coming in. I know Tyson is set up right outside of Jackson in Humboldt, Tennessee, but feel free to reach out. I'm a local realtor here in Jackson, Tennessee, and I'd love to help you out if you have any questions here for travel. Want to know some good places to eat. But just anything. Feel free to reach out. I'd love to help you out. This is my dog hammock in the back. I got two Alaskan Malamutes. They're wonderful and they keep me busy. I have a good day

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