What I love about Brownsville, TN

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner, real estate brokerage here in Brownsville, Tennessee. Indeed, most market shared brokerage, we do the most business in all of Haywood County, and we have the most knowledge on the market due to the amount of deals that we do in Haywood County. Just wanted to make a quick video on what I love about Brownsville, Tennessee. I was born and raised in Brownsville, Tennessee. And you know, when I was thinking about making this video and decided to make the video, the first thing that came to mind was the family centered environment. The people, I mean, the people in Brownsville, Tennessee, it's a small town and it's all like brother, sister. I mean, they're everybody's trying to help you people really express interest. People really want to help. People always want to talk to you. You know, it's it's always a sense of a sense of welcoming being in Brownsville, Tennessee. I've had multiple clients that have moved into Brownsville, Tennessee, and they say the same thing. You know, everybody welcomes them with open hands. They move into a neighborhood and people bring them pies. You know, it's it's all of my clients. It's not just like it's, you know, one one client that that's happened to. I get calls like a week after closing or two weeks after closing, like, Hey, you know, I just wanted to let you know, I really love this area. I'm really, really like Brownsville. I was welcomed with open hands, you know, which in today's times is becoming very rare, where people basically don't acknowledge, you know, a community or don't acknowledge their neighbors or the sense of community in today's times is starting to become very diminished with technology and the lack of communication. I mean, things like that. The biggest thing I love about Brownsville, Tennessee is the people with genuine, genuine people. Southern hospitality is real and it's very strong at Brownsville, Tennessee. Number two, I love the food. If you like barbecue, Helen's barbecue is literally the best barbecue. And in my opinion, in all of Tennessee, you know, Memphis has always been known for barbecue. Well, we're an hour from Memphis, so we still have a very similar culture. And Helen's barbecue is amazing. Great restaurants, great people. Great sense of community. Basically, it's just a good place to raise a family, a good place to live traffic. You know, there's no traffic. There's never traffic in Brownsville, Tennessee and Haywood County. You know, it's this. This is a. My roots are from Brownsville and I always have a deep place in my heart for Brownsville, no matter where I go. I travel a lot and that sense of home in Brownsville, Tennessee, will never leave. Well, never leave. And it has taught me so much. Basically what I want in my life, for the average, for the most part, you know, I want to be around that, that community. I truly believe that that, you know, if you look at happiness as a pie chart, you know, a sense of community, it's going to take up a piece of that pie chart of happiness with the people who are awesome in Brownsville, Tennessee. It's awesome food, just a great place to live. A lot of opportunities come into Brownsville, Tennessee Blue Oval, Ford's manufacturing plant. They're putting their single largest investment into Tennessee or Tennessee. Single largest investment is going into Haywood County, so a lot of opportunities coming up in Haywood County. And yeah, that's what I love about Brownsville, Tennessee. If you're from Brownsville, you're watching this video put in the comments what you love about Brownsville. And if you're thinking about moving to Brownsville or just want any perspective, just anything at all, you don't feel free to reach out. My information will be below in the description. I work seven days a week again. My name's Nathan Lilly. I'm a local realtor. Reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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