Unveiling the Future: Inside Look at the Progress of Blue Oval City, Ford's Largest Global Project

SOMERVILLE, Tenn. — Key representatives for one of West Tennessee's most significant projects convened on Tuesday to share updates on their progress.

Leaders from the Blue Oval City, including the Tennessee Electric Vehicle Center and the Blue Oval SK Battery Plant, assembled in Somerville for a productive engagement session.

Kel Kearns, the Plant Manager at the Electric Vehicle Center, expressed enthusiasm about the event. "We're thrilled to participate in another community event, following several we've conducted previously. It's wonderful to engage with the community, share updates about our progress, introduce my team, and discuss the upcoming stages, including recruitment, training, and launching," Kearns said.

The conversation touched on the project's current status and provided updates on the recruitment of vital senior personnel. The diverse leadership team comprises members from the US, Mexico, Spain, Vietnam, and Australia.

"I'll be introducing my team, the direct reports who will not only manage the plant but will also be responsible for all the hiring, training, and launching activities," Kearns added.

Officials from governmental training institutions like TCAT were also in attendance. The panel discussion encompassed topics such as workforce development, technical education, manufacturing processes, and more.

Kearns shed light on the construction of a new facility adjoining the plant. "Our focus is on a robust training curriculum that emphasizes deep learning. This allows trainees to be fully prepared before they join the shop floor for the launch," he explained.

Kearns affirmed that the project is advancing as expected, with production set to start in 2025.

"Construction is making excellent progress. Our $5.6 billion investment into the site has already started showing results, with the steel structure erected less than a year after the project's announcement. Everything is on the right course," Kearns stated.

The $5.6 billion campus for battery and vehicle manufacturing will be Ford's largest worldwide - a state-of-the-art facility designed for the demands of the next century.

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