Unlocking Jackson's Potential: A Powerhouse for Business and Growth

With a bustling regional hub of over 300,000 people, Jackson, TN, is rapidly becoming the hotspot for businesses, professionals, and industries. This post delves into why Jackson should be on every entrepreneur's radar and how Team Madison County is fueling this growth.

The Workforce Revolution:

In Jackson, the workforce is a force to be reckoned with. Housing over 300,000 skilled individuals, Jackson's workforce offers both quantity and quality. Fueled by six colleges and universities, coupled with a state-of-the-art technology center, the education standards here are commendable, with 88.5% of the region's population boasting a high school diploma or higher. The median age? A youthful 37.7, bringing energy and innovation to the table.

Employers consistently rate Jackson's workforce highly in terms of work ethic and productivity. What's more intriguing is that Jackson is not only nurturing local talent but attracting a labor pool from major cities. Professionals from manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and other sectors are flocking to Jackson, allured by its excellent quality of life, outstanding educational facilities, and affordable living.

Education & Training Meets Labor Market:

Jackson is not merely about numbers but quality. Institutions here are invested in molding a workforce that aligns with the dynamic needs of various industries. Major industry leaders, like LyondellBasell, vouch for Jackson's commitment. Rebecca White, Site Leader at LyondellBasell, testifies, "Actively engaged in supporting strong existing industry in this area, Team Madison County is focused on serving the industry community and keeping Jackson thriving."

Existing Industries and Their Stellar Performance:

Jackson is home to a plethora of industries, including global giants like Gerdau, Kellogg's, Toyota, Stanley Black & Decker, Owens Corning, Ingram Publishing, LLC, and Delta. With such stalwarts operating in Jackson, it's evident that the region offers favorable conditions for business growth and sustenance.

News Highlight: Leadership & Growth

In the recent news, Mandy White, the Greater Jackson Chamber's chief economic development officer, was named to Leadership Tennessee's 2023–2024 Signature Program Class X. This honor underscores the leadership potential within Jackson and its dedication to fostering non-partisan dialogues for state progression.

Team Madison County: The Cornerstone of Jackson's Success

The foundation of Jackson's flourishing economic landscape is the cohesive effort of Team Madison County. Acting as the lead for industrial recruitment and existing industry support, the team offers end-to-end services. From business expansion and retention to site selection services, they play a pivotal role in ensuring Jackson remains business-friendly.

One of their standout features is the confidential access they provide to local and state officials, real estate professionals, education officials, and other key contacts, ensuring smooth and seamless business operations.


Jackson is not just a city; it's an opportunity, a growth story, and a testament to what strategic planning, a robust workforce, and collaborative efforts can achieve. For businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking a vibrant environment, Jackson beckons!

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