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Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Connor Real Estate just making a real quick video about real estate investing in Tennessee. There's really two main things that I want to cover that I believe is huge when it comes to real estate investing and why Tennessee is a great place to do so. Number one is cash flow. So I mean, we're not going to buy and hold a property for the long term if it doesn't cash flow from the start. If it doesn't cash flow from the start, don't buy it. If it doesn't work now, then we don't want to bet on it working in the future. Not a smart play. And I hope we can all understand that. So cash flow here, I know as of now I am in central West Tennessee. The center of my service radius is Jackson, Tennessee. That's in between Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. So we get really good appreciation, just like Nashville does, and we also have really good cash flow like Memphis does. So you kind of get the best of both worlds. You get great appreciation with also a really good cash flow. Here, you can still buy a property under one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which is becoming really hard to do. That also cash flows very well, and you could find these properties even today on the MLS, where you could buy a property on the MLS that cash flows. Number two, while Tennessee makes a great spot to invest in, is the landlord was the tenant landlord laws. So Tennessee is a very landlord friendly state. Fun fact. So 20 twenty when all the corona and all the restrictions and everything hit and we couldn't evict tenants even if they weren't paying, some took advantage of it, some still paid, like all some tenants. But West Tennessee was actually one of the first places to open up in the entire country. Speaker1: Not even the full state of Tennessee opened up before West Tennessee specifically opened up to evictions. It wasn't being announced it was being advertised, but it was open we were able to evict before most of the country was able to evict. So we're very landlord friendly. You can find great cash flow. You can still get great appreciation. Me personally, I love buying. Hold on. I am a buy and hold investor as well. And you know, it's I could have picked a better spot to invest. Luckily for me, it's in my backyard. Now, if you're thinking about out-of-state investing, if you're in California, Miami, New York, wherever and you're wanting to find somewhere that makes sense for your investing, I can make things pretty much turnkey for you. With property management finding the deal, finding the right property and being feet on the ground for you even after the deal. I tend to look after some of my clients properties, even like far after the deal. I'll just drop out for them, keep them up to date, let them know how things are going for what I've seen. And yeah, I mean, pretty much anything at all I'm able to help with when it comes to real estate and you need anything at all, have specific questions, want to get started in investing if you're already an experienced investor and just want to talk, see what kind of deals that we have at the moment, and I can keep you up to date with deals, real time, you know, as they come, but anything at all. Again, my name is Nathan Lilly. I'm a local realtor. If you need anything at all. Reach out and have a wonderful day.

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