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Speaker1: Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Connor Real Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. I just wanted to make a real quick video and real estate coaching in Tennessee. So one thing that I am starting to do is branch out into the coaching of specter of spectrum of real estate, primarily because I'm super passionate about business, I'm super passionate about real estate and I'm told over and over again, Man, you really need to think about getting into coaching because of the passion that I really want to bestow onto people that are really looking to do better and trying to progress, especially in the real estate industry. But my name's Nathan Lilly. I've been in the business for three years now. By the end of the first year that I was in real estate, I had a very successful year, closed over 30 transactions, and by my second year I was the number one agent in the office into my third year business that's grown one hundred percent every year. It's been phenomenal. You have to work, but you need to have a game plan and mindset, and that's the biggest thing in this industry. But my information will be below. There's no putting you in a system where everything is the same courses. These courses, everybody takes the same courses. No, it's all one. Oh, one to figure it out your personality. What type of business are you looking to run? Basically, starting from wherever you're at and getting you to where you want to go. My information will be below. Reach out any time. I mean, you all have a wonderful day.

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