Pros and Cons of living in Jackson TN

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly, I'm a local realtor here in Jackson, Tennessee, just making a real quick video about the pros and cons of living in Jackson, Tennessee. So number one, I'm a jump straight into it is the cost of living. So the cost of living in Jackson, Tennessee, is very reasonable compared to most of the country. The median sales price, if you're looking to purchase, is around one hundred and sixty thousand, so the average rent is anywhere from eight hundred to twelve hundred dollars. Number two in the pros list is education. We have a really good education system, a lot of private schools to choose from. And number three is urbanized living without the urbanization. So you get to do what you are normally used to in urbanized living without all the traffic, without all the new construction, everything you need we have in Jackson, Tennessee. So there's that and the cons No one. I would say it's poverty. We have a high poverty rate. It's pocketed areas where most of the lower property value is consists of most of the impoverished areas. But we do have a high poverty rate in Jackson, Tennessee, and number two is the lack of public transportation. Speaker1: So we don't have much in terms of the city or, say, government transportation, Uber, or Lyft. All that is here. But the lack of county or city transportation, I would say, is lacking in Jackson, Tennessee. Number three is not much of a nightlife. So we do have a couple of bars and clubs. But other than that, we don't have much of a nightlife here in Jackson, Tennessee, so that's a big thing for you. I would say we are lacking in that and just to break them down real fast again, the pro's number one is the cost of living. Number two is education. Number three is urbanized, living without the urbanization. The cons No one's poverty. Number two Lack of public transportation. Number three Not much of a nightlife. But again, my name is Nathan Lily. We have specific questions on the area. I do live in the area, feel free to reach out any time. My information will be in the description below. If you need anything at all, feel free to reach out and have a wonderful day.

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