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Hey, this is Nathan Lilly at the office today, a little different environment, not at the filming studio, which is a room in my house. But I want to make a quick video about out of state cash flow. I know a lot of people who are investors that live in areas with really high property values, such as California, look for areas with lower property values that have a much better return on your money and actually closing on a 12 plex in Knoxville, Tennessee, and a couple of weeks for an out-of-state client in California that was looking for out-of-state cash flow. And I wanted to make this video for those who are also looking for out-of-state cash flow, for properties over 12 units. I service all Tennessee. I will I will travel in. And one of my specialty areas is investment property, 12 units and up anywhere from zero or zero one to 12 units. I can only do my central service radius, which is central west Tennessee, and that's Jackson, Tennessee, about a 45 minute radius, anywhere from 12 units up. I do service all of Tennessee, and I have a lot of properties that have a lot of connections with multifamily specialists throughout Tennessee. So if you're looking for deals anywhere from 12 units and please feel free to reach out, I can keep you updated with a larger multifamily properties and I can run numbers, help you in any way possible.

I guess that I do travel all over Tennessee for 12 units and up and I can help you with your property search, property management, the whole board I can help you get set up with. That's one thing about out of state cash cash flow. When you're investing out of state, it forces you to have your systems in place. Say, for instance, you buy a property in your local area. You know, you can be more lenient with things. For instance, property management. Now, if you manage your own properties, there's nothing wrong with that. I personally do the same thing for my local properties. I property, I personally property manage them. But we can all say that we may slip up in areas that a professional property management that's very systematic would not it. It forces you to, number one, make sure the numbers work with property management, with cap ex vacancies, you know, the whole nine yards where where you're going to run your numbers. Variables are going to come into place. But professional property management is a must for investing out of state. And putting those measures into place is crucial. And investing out of state is a must do. You don't have an option. You have to have professional property management because you're not going to be property mentioned in the area. You most likely will have contacts in the area. So you're forced to really interview property managers.

And that's one thing I can help with recommendations. And yeah, I mean, any questions? Feel free to reach out. Love to help you out. Want to start receiving properties. Let me know if you have one in mind and you want to have your own agent go to work for you. Feel free to reach out. Like I said, I cover all Tennessee for anything. Twelve units up anywhere from zero to I keep saying zero from one to eleven doors. Single families Quad's duplex is up to eleven doors. I will have to stay at my service radius and that's about a forty five minute radius of Jackson. But anything along those lines. Twelve units. And again I cover all Tennessee. I love to help you out but yeah. So my information is going to be the description. Feel free to reach out any time. We could have a call. Just kind of talk about your goals. What are you looking to do? The best places to look. Each location in Tennessee has different pros and cons and we can really go over what fits your goals. The best. One area may not be better than another area, but when it comes down to individual goals, every, you know, every goal is different. You know, everyone has a different starting point or they're at a different point in their investing career. So maybe one deal may not be as beneficial to you at this point in your investing career. And I can definitely help with that. Investment properties, real estate, real estate, investment properties is my. Passion. That is why I got into real estate as an agent, I love being an agent. One thing that I have figured out with being an agent is I just love being an agent. I love being in real estate all day, every day, seven days a week. I work and I love to work. So it's a lifestyle. But anything at all, feel free to reach out again. My name's Nathan Lilly. I am with Connor Real Estate. That's a local brokerage founded in Brownsville, Tennessee. Also has one in Jackson, Tennessee. I work out of the Jackson, Tennessee office and I cover central west Tennessee for my general real estate practice, anywhere from 12 units and up again, all of Tennessee, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, anywhere I will go and I will help you out, do the due diligence that that needs to be done. I have home inspectors that cover all Tennessee commercial property inspectors that cover all Tennessee pest control companies, make sure that there's no termites in the property, all of Tennessee connections and all the major metro cities. Again, reach out and I can go more into detail. I know you have specific questions. You can email me again. That'll be the description. Call me. Text me. So my door. I don't care. Reach out the.

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