North Jackson TN Real Estate

Central West TN Realtor Cell: 731.432.0769 Email: [email protected] Website: All right, 30 Aztec drive, Jackson, Tennessee, this is the left side of the house. The unit is a big unit, so this is just a left side. The neighborhood, nice neighborhood in North Jackson is is the hottest area probably in central west Tennessee, other than some spots in Memphis. But North Jackson is really, really hot. So there's the front of the house. This is the front. Walking around to the right side of the house. All right, here's the two car garage, water heaters in the garage, which is good in case something happens to it. So here's the two car garage. We got a little storage room right here. Very nice storage room. I have got a little doggy door, so this is the other side of the garage. Well, that door's locked. Let's see this key opens. Looks like they got new paint in here. Well, actually, not the paint, it's in good paint condition for a garage. There we go. All right, so once you step out of the garage, this is the back of the house. Nice eyes fixed in your. That's another entrance. We'll see if we can get into this storage building. Please be unlocked. Yes. All right, so here's storage building. And it's like it's nothing but a storage building. It's got some electricity to it. Must be some more storage space over here. Yes, so that's got a padlock on it. But yeah, this is like a a lawnmower storage storage spot. So here's the back of the house again. Again, this is in Jackson, Tennessee, North Jackson, 30, Aztec. All right, so we walk in, there is the kitchen. It's like everything's new in here cabinet's, countertops new and backsplash, so all the kitchen will get a little eating dining room. Pretty much it we got a little space. And this is right off of the eating dining room, front door entrance. This is in the right beside the door. So this right here to be a living room. And then you walk through here, here's the garage and here's the kitchen. So when you walk in your living room eating kitchen, fireplace. The beautiful bathroom here they've got these little slots for like shampoo, stuff like that, and they did really good on this bedroom. This is the hallway, if you in the hallway. We've got another bedroom, I believe this is also a master. So here is the master is the closet and the master right of the master. We have a bathroom. This is a stand up shower, bathtub and sink. And we've got another bedroom, three bedroom, two bath, one guest bath and one master bath. That is pretty much it feels really solid cosmetically. It's beautiful, completely repainted, completely renovated all the way around. Ceiling fans new like they painted around the fireplace and all that new beautiful front doors. This is the eating dining room. A lot of natural light in this house as well. A lot of windows. Yeah, it's a beautiful house, really good price, too, for the quality location. All right, so that is it.

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