January 2021 Market Update Central West TN

Central West TN Realtor Cell: 731.432.0769 Email: [email protected] Website: nathanlillyhomes.com What is going on today? So I just wanted to do a quick little video market update. So what we're dealing with in the real estate market right now is extreme low inventory homes are selling the same day on the market. Buyers are on standby waiting for properties to hit the market. I know many agents have buyers right now that are just waiting for properties to hit the market and they're selling for over asking price with with crazy terms. Interest rates are really low. It's a good time to buy. So it's a good time to buy and it's a great time to sell. We're in a really strong seller's markets. Buyers can take advantage of the low interest rates. But yeah, I mean, that's pretty much it. Extreme low inventory in the market's really brutal were waiting for homes to hit the market. If you're looking to sell, now is an amazing time, an amazing time to do so. You will reap the benefits of of selling in this market. And interest rates are really low, so refinancing in the future will probably be something that you will not think of interest rates from this point. I mean, there's one way to go when once interest rates are this low and it's back up. So you'll probably never have to refinance with a two point seven percent interest rate. I'm seeing that routinely, two point sevens, low 3s, depending on the type of mortgage. But if you need anything, reach out looking to sell or buy a great time to sell and it's a good time to buy. I'd love to help you out. Have a good one.

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