Jackson TN Real Estate

This is Nathan Lilly. I'm a local realtor here in Jackson, Tennessee with Conner real estate. I just wanted to make this video because you probably searched for Jackson, Tennessee real estate. So I want to  give you a little information about the real estate here in Jackson. One amazing opportunity about the real estate here in Jackson is our home values for investing or for just living here. You can stretch your money a lot further. Investing in Jackson, Tennessee real estate is a win-win. You can buy a property for a hundred thousand dollars, that will cash flow very well. You can even find a property for $50,000 that will cash flow very well here in Jackson. Or if you're just looking to live here, your money will stretch a whole lot further. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out. My name is Nathan Lilly with Conner real estate. You can find me on my website. That's nathanlillyhomes.com or you can reach me directly at (731) 432-0769.

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