Jackson TN Gym and Vann Drive

Hello, I am on the way to the gym. I just wanted to do a quick video. If you're in Jackson, Tennessee, live in Jackson, Tennessee, or just coming here for business, travel, friends, family, you know, whatever reason. I know a really good, gym, around here. I am on the way to Golds gym. They bought out Jackson's sport and fitness. That's what the gym used to be, a very nice gym. But when I get there, I'll show you guys. So right now we're on Van Drive, kind of give you a little bit of a Vann drive. We got the columns to the right, which is a big commercial district. To the left, we have some more columns. That's the name of the commercial district, basically just a bunch of shopping spaces. It's a dessert store, looks like a school clothes, uniform store. Theres just different stuff. A lot of different stuff around the Vann drive here, Jackson. But we are at the gym once I get inside I'll show you get around a little bit. Gold's Gym, very nice gym I'm in the gym. Now, just do a quick little. Let's show the gym there's a big spot here. Well, that's a quick little show, but I have to get to work, you have a wonderful day.

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