How to sell your house for the most money in Jackson, TN!

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee, just making a real quick video on how to sell your house for the most money in Jackson, Tennessee. So it really comes down to one thing and that's picking the right agent to list your property. And how do you know if you're picking the right agent to list your property? And here's one thing I say a lot of people don't understand the real estate world in which I mean, it's a specialty field, just like I don't understand the engineer world or I don't understand, you know, this world. I specialize in real estate. All agents do not do the same thing. Like you have agents who primarily work with buyers or agents who primarily work with listings. Now on my end, my business consists of primarily listings. I'm a highly listing based agent if you look at, say, a ratio of listings compared to buyers. Most of my business comes from listings and why? Because I represent my sellers with a quality service that they deserve. I understand how to sell a property. The top two things that have to be super quality is your price. You have to have your house price right. And number two, you're photography. I have the best real estate photographer in all of Central West Tennessee's absolutely amazing. But yet those are the, you know, the biggest things price photography. An amazing description, really marketing that property in a high, high quality way where if you see the listing, right, oh, this is a gorgeous house. You know, I tell my sellers all the time, like once I put it up, you're not going to sell it anymore. The presentation is just so quality. It just looks so good. And buyers are the houses that they want to see are the ones that are marketed correctly are the ones with the pretty pictures are the ones that basically people click on. That's what generates the most showings, more showings, more offers, more offers, higher sales price. It's just how it works. But my name is Nathan Lilly. My information will be below. If you need anything at all, work seven days a week, so reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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