How to prepare for an open house

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate just making a real quick video on how to prepare for an open house. So if you're selling your home and your agent suggests hosting an open house, you're going to have to prepare for it where the agent could show up and be an optimum scenario to really sell your property and to attract the most people into that open house. So, so quick tips, obviously. Make sure the house smells good. You know, one thing that I tell my sellers to do is to bake some cookies before the open house gives it that warm smell a smells like home light. Some candles, obviously. Make sure the house is clean, make sure everything's straightened up and two things that come to my mind on a security aspect make sure all prescriptions are put up somewhere where people aren't going to be nosy looking in. You know, I would lock them up somewhere. And if you have guns, make sure that guns are locked up in a safe or somewhere where they're not going to be accessible. Other than that, make sure all light bulbs work. You know, if you have some light bulbs that are not working, such an easy fix and it goes a long way. Make sure that all your light bulbs are working. Other than that, it's a pretty common scenario. Make sure the house smells good. Make sure it's clean. You know your personal items like prescriptions, guns. Make sure they're put up somewhere safe where somebody cannot access them. And other than that, it's pretty much it. So if you need anything at all. My name's Nathan Lilly. I am a local realtor here in central West Tennessee. I work seven days a week. My information will be below. Reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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