How to optimize selling your house

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate. I'm a local realtor here in central West Tennessee. Just wanted to make a real quick video on how to optimize getting the most money when you're selling your house. So there's two things that really go the furthest. That's basically your I appeal. What do you see your cosmetics landscape and paint trim, making sure that the cosmetics, what people see is, is it's in good shape. Make sure the house smells good. Make sure that light bulbs work so all around, you know, make sure that things are really clean. They smell good. If you have dogs, animals put them up for showings. Create an optimum situation for your buyers when the property is shown. So to get the most money for your property really just got to have your house made us presentable as possible. Imagine if you're a buyer, you're looking at homes. What would you be thinking if you're walking through your home? It's hard to sometimes think about your house buyer's perspective because you've lived there for a while. You're just used to things being a certain way. Maybe the door handle and the bathroom hasn't worked for two years, and it didn't really bother you. Well, now it's time to get that door handle fixed. It's time to take, take the little things and fix them because it's the little things that go the furthest. Just like your paint, your trim, your landscaping. But I'm a local realtor in central West Tennessee, my information will be below. I work seven days a week, so if you have any questions, reach out any time. Have a wonderful day.

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