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Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate, I'm a local realtor here in central West Tennessee. I just wanted to make a real quick video on how to optimize showing your house. So basically, when your house is up for sale and your agent says, Hey, we got a show scheduled for tomorrow at four o'clock and you say, Hey, that's fine. What do you need to do at that point or what should you do at that point? So let's say the show is at four o'clock. Make sure the house smells good. Make sure when the buyer walks into your house, first thing they will catch is bad. Smells that bad smell. They will not stop thinking about that smell. Where is this smell coming from? Is there mildew? Is there mold on what's going on here? Is there pee stains and it just spit in the carpet for a long time? So let's let's try to eliminate bad smells. Number one and number two, let's make sure the house is clean. Let's make sure that things are put up. Things like prescription medicine, guns, things like that that are of a sensitive nature. Put those up somewhere where people can't access and lock them up and you're safe. Put them somewhere where this bias is not going to look. That is security on your part for showings. So quick. Little recap. Let's make sure the house smells good. Let's make sure it's clean. And let's make sure that things like prescription medicine, guns, sensitive objects are put somewhere where buyers children cannot access them. You do those things. You've optimized a showing for the agent and hopefully going to get your household if you need anything at all, my information will be below. My name is Nathan Lilly. Again, I'm a realtor in West Tennessee. Reach out any time I work seven days a week and have a wonderful day.

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