How to handle issues on a home inspection!

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. I service all central West Tennessee office is located here in Jackson, Tennessee. Wanted to make a real quick video. How to handle issues with a home inspection? I want to make a point to say that no house is perfect. All home inspections are going to come back with problems. Most of them are the same issues that you see on every home inspection with with most houses. They're very common things in a home inspection, but you're looking for these things that cost a lot of money to fix. I tell my buyers, we're looking for the major four points that your structure, your roof, your plumbing and your electrical. Those four points could be the difference in between you getting a good purchase and buying a bad purchase. So how to handle the issues once you get the inspection back? If you have a good realtor, hopefully they're going over the inspection with you. They're pointing out things. You know, this right here could be a big problem. This right here is common, and they're just kind of helping you out with it. Because if you don't see home inspections like we do all the time, it could be very daunting at first because they do find a lot of stuff. But so say, for instance, you find a house that has a major structure problem. Let's just say that there's five floor joists. You have a crawl space and the five for joists that are rotten and they're bad and they're sagging in the floor and these five four joists need to be repaired. Speaker1: Well, at that point, you have a resolution period after your home inspection. Normally, it's about four days. It could be different per market. In my market, it's about a four day resolution period. So you have the right to ask for this to be repaired by a licensed contractor, and you want to definitely make sure that it's a licensed contractor in the repair proposal. So you set up the repair proposal asking for these for Joyce to be fixed. The seller has the right to either accept it, counter or reject it, just like any other agreements. But at that point, you're going to try to get this fixed. And if you can't get it fixed and it's a pressing issue that's going to cost you a lot of money, then you have the right under that inspection contingency to back out of the contract. So if you have major issues, you have the right to ask for repairs through a repair proposal, you send it over to the seller. You'll come to a mutual agreement, hopefully, and you get happy and the seller is happy. So it's a win win for everybody. But that's how you handle issues with a home inspection. My next day delivery, like I said, beginning of this video, my information will be below. If you need anything at all, reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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