How to buy and sell at the same time

This is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate, I'm a local realtor here in central West Tennessee. I just wanted to make a quick video on how to buy and sell at the same time. I get that question quite a bit because most of the time people have to sell their house before they're able to purchase the next one to get the financing from their current home. So there's really one way that works the most effective, and basically that's to get your home ready to sell. Number one, I I would always suggest, let's get your home on the market at bay and let's look for a house. Why do I say that? So I imagine if you're selling your house and you have a buyer that puts in a offer on your home, and they're saying that they had to sell their house before they could buyers so they have a ceiling contingency, but their homes, not even on the market. Yet, you don't know if this home's ready to sell. You don't know anything about it. So once you get that home ready and you get it on the market, really start your home search at that point. Why? Because the sellers where you're putting in an offer to buy their home, they can see your house. It's on the market at that point. They can look at the pictures, you know, they can look the presentation and then they can get a pretty good gist of, you know, or confidence that your house is going to sell makes it look a lot safer to them. So get your house ready. Put it on the market, then really start looking for a home. So next step is to find a home. Once you find that home, you're going have to put a contingency in your offer so you can start putting in offers like you can if you were pre-qualified for a mortgage or you're paying cash. Basically, your financing is your home that you're selling. So at this point, you just offer like you would normally offer price inspections and then you have a seller contingency and basically states that I want to buy your house, but I'm going to have to sell mine first. And that's pretty much the best way to handle buying and selling at the same time. So get your home on the market, really start looking, have an agent that is experienced in helping people buy and sell at the same time. My name's Nathan Lilly. I'm like, I said, I'm a local realtor here in central West Tennessee. If you need anything at all, just have general questions. I don't care if you're out of Tennessee, I'm on the in Tennessee, but I will help you. I will help answer your questions any way I can. My information will be below. I work seven days a week, so reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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