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Hey this is Nathan Lilly with Conner real estate here in Jackson, Tennessee, I wanted to make a quick video about houses for sale in Jackson Tennessee. So I'm making this video about houses for sale in Jackson Tennessee, because I am a local realtor who specializes in Jackson Tennessee. With buying and selling homes in Jackson Tennessee is my specialty. I do live in Jackson, Tennessee. So if you're looking for an agent to help you buy or sell homes in Jackson, Tennessee, I would love to do so again, my name is Nathan Lilly. I am a local realtor in Jackson, Tennessee and this video is about houses for sale in Jackson, Tennessee. So what do I love about Jackson, Tennessee? That's kind of something I wanted to hit on in this video. Since I am talking about houses for sale in Jackson, Tennessee. What do I love about Jackson, Tennessee? I love the size of Jackson, Tennessee. I love the fact that I could be in Nashville. I could be in Memphis in pretty much a straight shot both ways. Nashville is about 2 hours from Jackson, Tennessee. I say about an hour, 45 minutes to Memphis, Tennessee, hour and a half. So pretty relative both ways in terms of timing and distance. Also, it's not a big city like me personally. I'm not a huge fan of big cities like big, big cities where the metro areas are million plus. It's just not my lingo. It's not my feel.

I was born and raised in a small town. I was born and raised in Brownsville, Tennessee, and, you know, coming from small town and traveling a lot. I have and do a lot of traveling. You know, I've really been able to get a feel of what I like and what I don't like. So I don't like big, big city, me personally. And since I'm speaking on what I love by Jackson, Tennessee, I can only come from my personal perspective. So I love the size of Jackson, Tennessee. I love the fact that it has everything that I need. Plus I like the fact it's not too small. But, you know, like my families from Brownsville and I go visit there. I love small towns and I love Jackson. I love the people. You know, we have some really, really good people here, very friendly people, very hospitable, very respectful. They actually care about you. You know, through my travel, going into big cities, you kind of feel like a fly on the wall. You know, everyone's doing their own thing and not that there's anything wrong with that, just me and how I am. I'm interested in people. I want to help people. So a lot of people who, you know, want to help and people who are also interested, people like to hold conversations with and actually have meaningful conversations. People that wave when you walk by, that's kind of my thing. That's what I like. I love the nature. You know, we have a lot of natural parks around, so we have a lot of the land. I like to hunt, you know, we have some really, really good hunting spots around here where there's duck hunting, deer hunting. Last but not least, you know, I really love the homes for sale around Jackson, Tennessee. We have some really nice real estate. And for the money, we have really good like per square foot price compared to a lot of spots in the country. I actually just got off the phone with an agent in Colorado and, you know, as of now, if the date will be on this video, she said their average square or their average sales price was like 690000 compared to, I mean, a comparison to Jackson, Tennessee, where our average price point is around one sixty. When they speak on average, we're speaking on the average home. You know, your average three bedroom, two bath home. I would say about anywhere from twelve hundred to eighteen hundred square foot. You know, it's pretty average. So if you break down that square foot price of six hundred and ninety thousand about about twelve hundred or 160000, about about twelve hundred, you can stretch your money a whole lot further in west and to see it's not just say, Jackson, Tennessee, West Tennessee in general has some really good home values in terms of stretching your money a lot further and not just homes, land, you know, we have some really, really good land values in Jackson, Tennessee, or central west Tennessee actually cover all central west Tennessee. So, you know, I have a pretty good perspective on central west Tennessee because that is my service radius and I'm pretty intimate in each of them service radiuses. Yeah, it's pretty much the gist of what I love about Jackson. Small, but not too small kind of. You can get places that people are friendly. Lifestyle is, you know, whatever speed you want it to be. It's not really forced upon, you know, live fast or slow however you want to live, you know, you can kind of do your own thing. That's pretty much it. You know, I just kind of wanted to hit on what I love about Jackson, Tennessee. But this video is about houses for sale in Jackson Tennessee. My name's Nathan Lilly. I do live in Jackson, Tennessee, born and raised in Brownsville, Tennessee, which is about 30 minutes away from Jackson. But yeah, my information will be in the description below. Feel free to reach out. You can go to the website, look at what we have on the market. Just browse around as of now, which is early May. We have an extremely low inventory in the market.

In a super high demand, so is a crazy seller's market at the moment, and from what I'm hearing, it's across the country. It's not just Jackson, Tennessee, or just certain pockets of the country or certain areas. It's the whole country. And like the whole country has an extremely low inventory. The National Association of Realtors knows that. We were like, I mean, some crazy number like 80 percent below the demand with the inventory that's needed to supply that demand. So, I mean, kind of brutal right now for buyers. I mean, it's a different approach that you have to take. Most properties are multiple offer scenarios. Sellers are reaping the benefits if they have to buy. You know, the coin has flipped at that point. But a lot of sellers, you know, are very educated at this point. They've heard it from realtors, from the news media, just kind of everywhere right now in terms of what's going on in the housing market. So a lot of them are prepared. You know, they know where they're going next. They have something lined up. But, yeah, I can go into detail. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out again. My information will be in the description below. I kind of ranted throughout this video. It's definitely gone a lot longer than what I was expecting. But yeah, reach out any time. My name is Nathan Lilly and you'll have a wonderful day.

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