Homes for Sale in North Jackson TN

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. I just want to make a quick video about homes for sale in North Jackson, Tennessee. Why do I want to make a video about just North Jackson? Because it is a really booming area. A lot of new construction is going on. Some of the higher home values in Jackson, Tennessee, very convenient to inner Jackson restaurants, schools, some of the nicer schools around North Jackson. Some of the  private schools around Jackson are actually in North Jackson's, of homes for sale in North Jackson, Tennessee. Just want to make this quick video to let you know I am a realtor in the area and I would love to help you in any way possible. This video is about homes for sale in North Jackson, Tennessee. If I can help in any way possible, please feel free to reach out. My information will be below. This is Mrs Luna. She's my little baby. She actually hurt her foot. I think she stepped on a nail. But again my name is Nathan Lilly. Feel free to reach out in any way possible. I am a realtor here in Jackson, also live in Jackson. Any questions at all. Please feel free to reach out. You have a wonderful day.

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