Homes for sale in Madison County TN

Hey, I'm a local real estate agent here in central west Tennessee, wanted to make this quick video about houses for sale in Madison County, Tennessee. So Madison County, Jackson, Tennessee, Beach Bluff is a city in Jackson or Madison County, Humboldt, Tennessee runs into Madison County in some parts of Madison County, mainly consist of Jackson, Tennessee, the real estate home values around Madison County are amazing, absolutely phenomenal. As of right now, we're in a really strong seller's market, really strong sellers market. So there's really low inventory and homes are selling anywhere from 90 to one hundred fifteen dollars a square foot on average compared to a lot of parts of the country that is very low. I'm a realtor in area. I live in the area. I was born and raised in central west Tennessee. Feel free to reach out to help you out any way I can. I have a wonderful day.

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