Henderson TN Real Estate for Sale

So today, we're showing property in Henderson, Tennessee, just wanted to do a quick little video tour of the property for those who are looking for real estate in Henderson, Tennessee. This is actually a custom build. This is a custom built home to a quick little walk through while I'm waiting on my clients. We've got a two car garage. This is a wraparound porch. They haven't laid in the flooring yet. Again, this is in Henderson, Tennessee. If you're looking for real estate in Henderson, Tennessee, my name's Nathan Lilly. I'm a local real estate agent. Would love to help out in any way I can. A walk around porch, beautiful stain, but that's pretty much it just wanted to do a quick walkthrough. If there's anything at all it could help with, feel free to reach out again. I'm in Henderson, Tennessee. My name's Nathan Lilly.

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