Henderson County Real Estate TN

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly, a local realtor here in west Tennessee. I wanted to make a quick video on Henderson County Homes. So I am a real estate expert in Henderson County. Henderson County is one of the areas that I specialize in. Henderson has a very unique real estate market. Home values are amazing. Small town actually has a nice sized university. Freed Hardeman University is also in Henderson and pretty much its small town close to Jackson, Tennessee. It's going to be our largest city hospitals, restaurants. You've got restaurants in Henderson, local restaurants, fast food chains, but nothing like Jackson. And you're only about 25, 30 minutes from Jackson. Pretty pretty quick straight shot on on the highway. But again, Henderson County Real Estate is one of the areas that specialize in, if you have any questions, real estate related places to eat, things to do, just anything at all. When it comes to Henderson County, real estate questions, just anything. Feel free to reach out and I'll help you out. My name's Nathan Lilly. You can reach me at my direct line at seven three one four three two zero seven six nine. You can check us out on our website to all the properties on the market. You can also fill out a contact form if you want to set up a certain phone. If you just want to communicate through email. You can do that through the website as Nathan Lilly homes, dot com and all the information will be in the description. So anything at all, feel free to reach out. Let me help you out.

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