Gibson County Real Estate TN

Hey, this is Nathan Lilly, I'm a local realtor here in west Tennessee. I wanted to make a quick video about Gibson County Real Estate here in west Tennessee. It's one of the areas that I specialize in, Gibson County real estate. It's one of the most booming areas out of central west Tennessee. It's got a really good school district. Medina School District is one of the top school districts here in central west TN. Gibson County, Medina, city is a part of Gibson County. Humboldt, Tennessee, runs into Gibson County. Medina is probably the most desirable area in Gibson County. It's got some of the top home values out of central west Tennessee in Gibson County. If there's any questions that you have, anything about the area, real estate, things to do, places to eat, just anything at all, feel free to reach out and love to help you out.

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