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Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. I wanted to make a quick video about foreclosures for sale in Madison County, Tennessee. So one thing I can help with and have access to is foreclosures here in Jackson, Tennessee. Madison County, Tennessee and I would love to help you with them, have done many foreclosure sales and well versed in the process of dealing with the banks, getting them under contract, negotiating the deals. And it's a really good way to get properties under market value. Now, the current times here in which I don't know when they're going to be watching this video, but as of now, it's the beginning of April 20, 21, they're going for almost retail. I mean, deals right now are hard to come by unless you're finding them off market. But in a normal market, which hopefully when you're watching this, it's a it's a normal market, isn't a extremely low inventory kind of market. But on average, foreclosures are a good place to look to get a property under market value with good upside for a flip rental property, just any way that you can utilize it with given in the market value, which is getting the property and the market value can be utilized in many ways. But yes, those videos about foreclosures for sale in Madison County, Tennessee, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out. And I'm a local realtor, I serve all central west Tennessee so I can help them. Pretty much all the areas of central west Tennessee, which is about a 50 mile radius of Jackson, Tennessee, which is a pretty large service area that I cover. But any questions at all? This video specifically, again, is own foreclosures for sale in Madison County, Tennessee. But I can help in all areas of real estate. Feel free to reach out. My name is Nathan Lilly. My information will be below. And the description you can reach out there, go to the website. Just anything at all I would love to help you with again. My name's Nathan. Lilly. Have a Wonderful day.

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