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Speaker1: Hey, this is Nathan Lilly, with Conner Real Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. Just wanted to make a quick video about a financial certified financial adviser in Jackson, Tennessee. This is Gary Carter. He's personally my financial advisor. I'm really strict or I have high expectations when it comes to my personal finances, as many do, especially in the real estate industry where finances really drive our returns or our capital investments, which is buying your first house in general or just somebody who knows the laws, the ins and outs of the financial realm. But here's Gary Carter. Man, how can you benefit everybody? Speaker2: Thank you, Nathan. So like, like you said, I'm a certified financial planner with Northwestern Mutual here in Jackson, Tennessee. And basically, I work really well with business owners and people who are new to the area, who are new to the Jackson area. What I do is I talk to people and I figure out where they are financially, and I figure out where they're wanting to go financially, and I serve as a coach to help them get there. And that can be in a lot of different ways. Investments, insurance, it doesn't matter. It really just kind of depends on what the individual client needs. That's what it's based on. But like I said, I'm a certified financial planner here in Jackson, Tennessee. I have been lucky enough to work with you. I really appreciate that. But I'm just here doing my best for my clients to help them become the best financial version of themselves that they can be. Speaker1: Yeah. And you know, in the in our world of real estate, like I said earlier, that's huge. But also, I want you to know that my referrals are very big to me where if I'm going to refer somebody, I have high expectations of that referral as well as I have my own services. So feel free to reach out to Gary anytime I know he's going to take great care of you. His information will be below Silberman. If you need anything at all, feel free to reach out any time and have a wonderful day. Thank you very much.

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