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Speaker1: Hey this is Nathan Lilly with Connor Real Estate just making a real quick video about Denmark, Tennessee homes making this video because if you're watching it, chances are you're looking for a house or you're just doing research on the real estate around Denmark, trying to get perspective insights, or you're needed to get into a home pretty fast or in a certain amount of time. But yeah, so the Denmark Tennessee area, for the most part, is rural. It's a rural area. You do have a very small city. So for the most part, you're just going to be in the county out of the city limits, which is going to be a lower cost of living to avoid city taxes. But for the most part, you can still get a home in Denmark, Tennessee for under one hundred and fifty thousand and get it and get a nice home for under two hundred thousand. But there's still really affordable homes around Denmark are generally very affordable compared to most of the country, but I'm a local realtor. If you need anything at all specific questions I haven't answered. In this video, you can text me, call me, email me. My information will be below. Have a wonderful day and reach out any time.

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