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I just want to make a real quick video of the cost of living in Medina, Tennessee. I am a local realtor in the area, so if you need anything, I can help you out. But real quick, the cost of living in Medina, Tennessee, is very affordable. And also Medina Tennessee has some of the top school systems in central West Tennessee. Let's just say the the median price range in Medina, Tennessee as of now, which is the end of December, twenty twenty one is around one hundred and eighty to two hundred thousand. It's a median price range will get you a nice property in a very safe area for one hundred and eighty to two hundred thousand dollars. Gas prices just speaking on transportation gas floats anywhere around two dollars and fifty cents to right now, it's very high close to three dollars. Health care we have a great health care system. Health care across the nation is pretty high, but we have good, really good health care around Medina, Tennessee. Really good hospitals with a short commute away. Other than that, yet Medina Tennessee has a very good cost of living. You can get a very nice house for one hundred and eighty to two hundred thousand dollars taxes on a real quick note. So their city and county taxes and also Medina Tennessee, has a special school district tax. Total taxes for, let's say your average house should be anywhere from twelve hundred to, say, five thousand five hundred dollars a year. That is annual. But yeah, my information will be below. My name is Nathan Lilly. I am a local realtor. If you need anything at all. Reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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