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Speaker1:Hey this is Nathan Lilly with Connor Real Estate just making a real quick video about the cost of living in Penson, Tennessee. So I am a local realtor so I can give insights on day to day dealing in real estate in Denmark, Tennessee, on the real estate prices and some cost of living that comes with owning a home. But for the most part in Pinson, you can find a nice house for under one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which for most of the country, that's becoming almost impossible, especially if you've been looking for a home over the past couple of years. It's January twenty twenty two at the time of this video in the market is brutal. It's crazy. Strong sellers market inventory is really low and there's a lot of demand. But around penson it is still super affordable. You can find a home for under a fit under one hundred and fifty thousand. And most of penson is just in the county. It's outside the city limits, so you'll actually avoid that city tax. For the most part. Like I said, around Penson is just county. The city limits is very, very small. It's a very, very small town, closest largest city to to this Jackson, Tennessee. But yeah, there's some questions. I didn't answer it in this video that you would like to get answered. Feel free to reach out any time my information will be below. You all have a wonderful day. Like I said, reach out any time I work seven days a week, have a go.

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