Cost of living in Madison County TN

Speaker1: Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate just making a real quick video about the cost of living in Madison County, Tennessee. So Madison County, the largest city, which majority consist of Madison County, is going to be Jackson. Tennessee is going to be the largest city in Madison County. But for Madison County, the cost of living is super affordable compared to most areas. You can still buy a house here under one hundred thousand. Our median price range sits at around one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, and you get a really nice house for one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, your traditional three bed two bath house for around one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Other than that, transportation cost of living say gas gas normally floats less than three dollars a gallon, usually around two dollars a gallon is the traditional cost for gas. But other than that, we had property taxes from speaking of property taxes. We have very low property taxes compared to the majority of the country, depending on where you're at. Most of the time, there's either county or a city tax. If you're in the city limits, you have the city and county tax. You were just in the county. You just have a county tax, normally less than a thousand dollars a year for both of them. And that's a nice ass property. But yeah, it's super affordable in Madison County. I'm a local realtor. If you have any questions, my information will be below in the description of reach out any time and have a wonderful day.

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