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Speaker1: Hey, this is Nathan Lilly. I'm a local realtor here in central West Tennessee, making a real quick video about what's the cost of living in Denmark, Tennessee. So your average home value is one hundred and fourteen thousand dollars incredibly affordable. One hundred and fourteen thousand dollars is the average home value. The average per square foot price is anywhere from 70 to 80 dollars a square foot. Here in Denmark, Tennessee, gas prices normally float around two dollars a gallon, two to three high end. You're getting to three dollars a gallon, which it is pretty high now as of December. Twenty twenty one, two or three days away from twenty twenty two. Well, yeah, they're crazy high right now. The home values here in Denmark are incredibly affordable. Only one hundred and fourteen thousand is the average home value. But if you need anything, any questions or have any questions about the area that have not addressed or addressed in my other videos, feel free to reach out. My information will be below. Don't hesitate any time I work seven days a week and have a wonderful day.

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