Commercial Real Estate Jackson TN

Today, we are showing some commercial leases. We do a lot of commercial real estate here in Jackson, Tennessee, so if you know someone looking to lease space here in Jackson, feel free to reach out. Jackson, Tennessee, is really on the verge of a boom. It's almost at the hundred thousand population mark once it hits that market it"ll reach the demographics for a lot of businesses to come in, and we have the space if you need it. This is on Carriage House here in Jackson, Tennessee, very high traffic area. Planet Fitness is near, this is the North Commons area, commercial district, Planet Fitness, dirt cheap. There's a furniture store over there. This used to be the Gold's Gym, which is now on Vane Drive, But if you need anything, feel free to reach out. I also do commercial real estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. So reach out for anything. Have a good one.

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