Chickasaw State Park in Tennessee

What is going on today, so I'm at Chickasaw National Park here in West Tennessee and kind of wanted to just show you all around different spots, the lake and I hope you enjoy the video. So at the moment, I'm walking down towards the lake like we've got some people fishing. The cabins are that way and so is the restaurant, Chickasaw is a really, really good restaurant. It's where they store the boats. The bridge that goes all the way across. That's where we're going, we're going to the bridge all the way to the bridge, just wanted to show you all some of the campgrounds. So this is like right off of the road that separates the lake from the campground, tennis courts restaurant. They've got lodges as well. There's a baseball field. Don't know if you'll see it, but that's on the right side of the lake. We are on a trail now right off the road. I'm hoping this trail leads us to the bridge. So we'll walk to the bridge to walk in the trail and try to see if we can make it to the bridge or other side the bridge. Then going to come back around and find my car somewhere around there. Let's see if the plan works out accordingly. All right. So as of now, the plan is working out accordingly. This does come all the way around. This trail comes all the way around to the bridge. I think we have a little bit more walking around to do, but we're going to end up at the bridge. I think this means we are getting close to the bridge. Once we get up the hill, we will be there. Oh, right. We have made it looks like we got some camping spots right up here, too. That is where we came from. Over there we've got some camping spots that lead to a bathroom. But we are going down the bridge on the bridge and we are on the bridge. Very well Maintained bridge, too. This is beautiful. All right. I'll catch you the other side of the bridge. All right. We are coming off the other side of the bridge. There's some cute cabins. So we've got another outhouse area, basketball court, playground, the recreation area. I don't know what kind of bird that is. And a goose, maybe, like we've got a goose. But, yeah, this was absolutely gorgeous. Really fun walk. A really fun walk. So now I'm heading back to the car. If I see anything else I think I'd be interested in, I'll definitely shoot it. I think we have another goose now. We have geese. Really cool, I. So I've got back to the car, we have walked all the way around the lake, so all the way around the lake back to the car, took about 40 minutes to go all the way around and back to the car. But, yeah, Chickasaw National Park is located in Henderson, Tennessee. I am a local realtor in the area. So if you're looking for real estate in the area, feel free to reach out. But just wanted to make this video kind of show you all the area. It is absolutely gorgeous out here. Very, very gorgeous. Again, this is Henderson, Tennessee. It's in the western part of Tennessee, west Tennessee. But, yeah, I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you've got any questions about the area, just reach out. I'd love to help you all and have a wonderful day.

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