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Hey, this is Nathan Lilly with Conner Real Estate here in Jackson, Tennessee. I'd just taken a quick video of my top four restaurants in Jackson, Tennessee. I do live in Jackson, Tennessee, so I know the best restaurants. Number two, I'm going to have to say it's Picasso's because it's an amazing restaurant, has really good pizza that they have the authentic woodstove, they make their pizza and it's really good pizza. They also have a wide variety of food. My favorite entrees, the Mongolian rib eye wrap, it's absolutely amazing. They're really good drinks, really good environment, just a good energy all around. I'm there, at least I would say once a week. I mean, it's it's it's amazing. Number two, I have to put this in here because I love southern food and this is Tennessee. So Brooke Schultz Old Country Store If you think about Thanksgiving, the way I think about Thanksgiving, which is a very southern comfort food style Thanksgiving, that's old country store. Brooke sells old country store every day. Any time you want Thanksgiving in the south, just go to Brooke Old Country Store. They have great food dressing just like all of the southern comfort food that if you have never experienced, say, a good southern dinner, go to Brussels Old Country Store. And if you're not used to eating southern food, you're probably going to need to go straight to bed after you get in eating because you can be very carb loaded. Number three, I'm going to have to say it's black. Smith Black Smith is a really good restaurant. Great steaks. Great drinks all the way around. American new American entree kind of food. It's not so much a very southern. Just more. Just what you would expect when you think of new American entree food. Local restaurant, very big. A great service, great drinks all the way around. Really good restaurant. And no for I'm going to have to say if you have a taste for Italian mama bottles in Jackson, Tennessee is a really good. Restaurants, locally owned as well as local Italian family owns the restaurant and it is really good. That was my go to restaurant for the longest, just because the quality they make, their food, you know, fresh. All the ingredients are fresh. It's just it's just a really good restaurant and I love to support local. The don't go to Olive Garden model bottles is a thousand times better if you're if you're wanting Italian food, but that's my top four restaurants here in Jackson, Tennessee. If you need anything else, you're coming in Jackson, Tennessee, for business pleasure or whatever it is, and you don't have general knowledge of the area and you want someone to contact just to help you out. Reach out. My information will be below. I'd love to help. My name is Nathan Lilly. I am a local realtor here in the area. And if you need anything at all. Reach out any time or work seven days a week. So I have a wonderful day.

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